Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about Commencement 2023.

Cap and Gowns

  • What comes with my regalia?

    Regalia consists of a mortarboard cap, gown, and tassel.

    Graduate and doctoral students will also receive a hood for their degree.

  • When and where can I pick up my cap and gown?

    Cap and gowns will be available to pick up on campus at Solomon Court, Cabot Center dates and times to be updated this in February 2023.

  • Where do I wear my cap and gown?

    After you pick up your cap and gown, please keep all items with you until you attend the Commencement ceremony on May 7, 2023.  We cannot guarantee replacing lost items on the day of the ceremony. Regalia is required to wear at the Commencement ceremony.

  • Can I keep my cap and gown?

    All caps, gowns, and accessories are yours to keep after the ceremony at no cost. 

  • What size regalia will I receive?

    Gowns are provided by your height in feet and inches. You will fill out your height information when the application to graduate is open in mid-October. Please look out for an email from the registrar’s office.

    Go to your Student Hub > Resources > Graduation > Apply to Graduate

  • Can I have someone else pick up my cap and gown?

    Yes, someone else can pick up your cap and gown. More information on the pickup process will be available by April 2023.  They do not have to be a Northeastern student to pick up. 

  • What do I get if I received academic honors?

    Undergraduate students receiving academic honors of a 3.5 GPA or above will get a gold cord that can be worn during the ceremony. These will be available in Solomon Court during the open cap and gown pick-up days and times.

  • Can I wear a sash to graduation?

    Yes, sashes can be worn at the commencement ceremonies if they are provided by a Northeastern-approved group or organization. 

    Please reach out to your group or organization if they are providing sashes to their graduating members. These are not provided by the Commencement Office. 

    If you are a group or organization that needs to approve graduation sashes, please contact the Commencement Office at [email protected] 

  • I donated to Northeastern University. Where can I receive a donor cord?

    Please contact Alumni Relations at [email protected] for more details about the donor medal or click here to make your gift.

  • Can I receive a regalia earlier?

    No, regalia will not be made available until the scheduled pickup dates and times. More information about pick-up will be available by February 2023.

  • Can I receive a regalia if I am not attending the ceremony?

    A cap and gown will only be provided to students attending the commencement ceremony or college celebration.

  • Can I have my regalia mailed to me?

    Cap and gown for the Class of 2023 will only be available to pick up at Solomon court during the open dates and timesWe cannot guarantee that mailed regalia will be delivered in time for the Commencement ceremony. 

  • How do you wear my cap, gown, and masters hood?

    View this instructional video on how to properly wear your regalia.

  • Can I customize my mortarboard?

    Yes! We encourage graduates to decorate and customize their mortarboard. 

    Please be mindful to have appropriate decorations since this is a family event. 

  • What if I do not pick up my cap and gown in time for Commencement?

    We highly recommend you pick up your cap and gown prior to the ceremony in Solomon Court.  Someone else can pick up on your behalf as well. 

    Regalia is required to wear at the Commencement ceremony and if you arrive without it, we cannot guarantee you will be provided a proper cap and gown. A very limited supply may be available on the day of the ceremony. 


  • What if I lose my cap and gown or accessories?

    If you lose an item of regalia, you can return to Solomon Court during the open pick-up dates and hours to replace the lost item. 

    We cannot guarantee cap and gown sizes as only a limited number of extra regalia will be available. 

  • How do I sign up for a flag?

    At the Commencement Ceremony each year, we celebrate Northeastern’s diverse and global graduating class by asking graduates to wave flags representing their home country, a location they did a global experience, or a place of importance to them. More information about applying for a flag will be available by March 2023.

    Flags will be available for pickup during the Cap and Gown Pickup at Solomon Court during any of the below dates and times.